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Oh Oh you okay hi guys and welcome to today's show today we are going to be reviewing the Omega 300 the watch Co this is a no date one of the most iconic I'm a Godiva watches of all times probably one of the most iconic dive watches period very very excited I must give a quick shout out to my good friend Scott Page who has entrusted me with his watches beloved Seamaster massive massive thank you to him I apologize it's taking so long he's sending in I had his watch since March you know since late March I just saw behind on watch reviews I am actually starting to catch up and of course as I catch up another you know four or five watches arrive

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but there's nothing I can do about that this is a watch channel what am I going to do um I got to keep up with content right so anyway first of all before I get into I've got to do wristwatch check I am of course wearing the squally one five to the Azul oh look at that absolutely love this watch two bits actually the 300 has made me yearn for the kind of retro retro chic vintage nostalgia of this even though it's brand-new so is the watch Co which we'll get into you can hear that bracelet yes so the CMOS that long over to now I don't personally know anybody

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with this particular watch so it's completely new experience to me and very fascinating history I kind of I kind of went into it a little bit in the review it will go into that in just a second the Omega Seamaster even though I don't currently own one is quite an important watch to me I've owned 7c masters in total thank you NYPD thank you and I'll just carry on it's New York what am I going to do oh yes so I've owned about 7c Marsten's I can't my first luxury watch was actually a sea master I know a lot of you might disagree oh it's not a luxury what listen to me was luxury I didn't have much money at the time and it was my first kind of quality iconic Swiss watch so sea masters will always have a kind of important place in my heart I don't currently own what I've on of all the GMT the new coaxial ceramic the chronograph the mid-size the bond 90 90s one vintage one as well so I really do kind of know my contemporary see my so it's really nice to get to know one of the ones that the granddaddy of them all Godfather of the sea masters anyway guys I'm babbling rambling let's

change perspectives now and have a closer look and it's an amazing watch today we are looking at one of the most iconic dive watches of all time this of course is the Magus C master 300 now we've talked about submariners I had some experience with the Fifty Fathoms in Las Vegas but today finally we have a look at one of the greatest and most iconic of the Omega divers now this is the reference one six six zero three two four and this is the no date version now before we get into this review I must quickly explain for those of you unaware this is a watch car what is a watch car well let me quickly explain it is a bit of a controversial subject what happened was is a company in Melbourne called watch Cole they had an official account with Omega and they stockpiled a whole load of Omega parts for the specifically for the C master 300 because Omega produced a surplus of these parts special cases hands all the rest of it because this is obviously a diving watch and they expected it to get bashed about and use what its design for and so watch cold cleverly stocked up on all these kind of huge giant stockpile and then started assembling sourcing kind of donor movements if you will and putting together their own Omega Seamaster 300s now there is a quite a big argument in the watch community is it a franc and watches it official is it you know it divides opinion but today we're

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not going to be discussing the the pros and cons of watch go well I mean we should mention obviously a watch code nowadays it is getting more expensive as parts start to run low but to get your hands on an original vintage Seamaster from the period this is a watch from the 60s they go for I saw one at Christie's go for wrapped 5,700 very very expensive and they will beat up but this is a way of getting you know this is all the original parts entirely or make everything is Omega these are all what's called nos or new old stock part and I mean you can tell when you when you feel this this is six months old it's crispy strangely enough if you took this to Omega they would actually service it because it is at the end of the day completely all Omega however it's been assembled by third party this particular one has been lent in my good friend of the channel my

friend Scott he has a very impressive collection and he just had to get her see master he he's had the thing for them forever he's a very much a dive watch kind of guy he served in Afghanistan and he wore his I think it was a Rolex CLA he was telling me about to complete his connection collection he always loved the yummiest Seamaster as we see here so for him you know I don't think he wanted the vintage one he wanted he got this watch Col last year thing about August last year so let's talk a little bit about the history of the C master well the CMOS that actually came into existence at the early part of the century especially in world war ii you first see my were very very dressy and they were issued to the British Royal Air Force they looked much more like a dress watch they're not the kind of iconic dive watch that we recognize today with the big hands the largest sizes basically what you see before you with luminescence and all that obviously water resistance at that stage was very rudimentary they didn't even have screw down crowns or

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anything like that that came much later the first real proper dive watch that really set the the benchmark really set the levels of that everything after it has been compared to it obviously was the Fifty Fathoms in 1953 the year later the Submariner came out now Omega had to catch up so in 1957 they released and kind of updated the Omega Seamaster and that was when the reference one six six zero two four was born it was quite different for its time because it had a 42 millimeter size which at the time was huge I mean these days it's quite normal back back then watches were a hell of a lot smaller they had tritium these big sword hands and all the rest of it also they had a bakelite bezel so basically what we've come to to seeing the dive watch today and they were based on the calibre five six five movement and then we entering you know the 60s and Omega really came into their own in fact I think a lot of purists will argue that that was omegas heyday that was the the peak of their existence really you know obviously the speed masters started to come out the moon watches and all the rest of its a really important time for Omega and then two really significant

kind of events happened in the sea master history in 1963 Jacques Cousteau's team diving team actually used see master 300 in the pre continent two dives in the Red Sea and this is before Jacques Cousteau famously studied using the plow proof that he is so often associated with then in 1966 British Ministry of Defence actually in collaboration with Omega issued a whole bunch of Seamaster 304 the British naval and terrestrial forces these are recognized usually by little T on the on the dial that designates it as the tritium versions these were specifically designed to specifications dictated by the MOA and offense two really important events in the history

and heritage of the may get three hundred so let's actually review this particular one here I'll get the dimensions out the way first now Scott please don't panic I have put Sela tail on the on the end of these the diameter actually is it says forty one and a half we got a thickness of twelve lug to lug is forty eight lug width is 20 so the size and scale in today's standards is actually pretty small but back in the day this was massive you got to remember how small watches were in during the mid century it's a little bit larger than the pre ceramic Submariner but strangely enough where smaller than the ceramic sub obviously because it's got a more slender case so we have a bi-directional bezel here the bezel actually has luminescent inserts in the bakelite and while we're on the subject of the loom wood let's have a look at the loom shop because it is a really impressive very cool loom indeed so let's change perspectives as you can see extremely impressive and one definite advantage of having the watch car is that the Loom is all going to be brand new and bright and responsive we've got those numerals in the bakelite and inlaid in the bakelite nice big fat chunky markers easy to distinguish where twelve o'clock is thanks to those different shapes outstanding very easy to differentiate between the hands because of all the shapes just beautifully designed for diving absolutely

outstanding really really cool loom indeed love it anyway back to the studio let's have a closer look at the dial knob viously this is the null date version and I really like the note day version because it has a very symmetrical clean crisp layout we have 12 3 6 & 9 numerals and these lovely chunky luminescent markers the originals had a big triangle these these particular watch Co ones don't because I believe the dials that they had access to these slightly lighter dials beautiful nice broad sword hand I love that little kind of arrow syringe style second hand now the sweep is kind of stuttering that's because inside we have the 5 5 - movement it's not the most smoothest sweep in the world but it's a really great movement scott was telling me that it's incredibly accurate hasn't even been serviced yet watch cos seemed to do pretty good job of putting this together everything like I said in here in the beginning is completely official and Omega movement itself was a donor sourced movement so it was probably from a different maker that the 5 5 - movement can be found in a lot

of omegas it's the successor to the 5 5 1 which was actually cost certified I don't know why they didn't cut to certify the 5 5 - but regardless it is a really great movement the sweep of the second hand is a little bit stuttering and that's because it operates at 19,800 vibrations per hour the power reserve is quite impressive 50 hours of course we got if we undo the screw down crown we have manual windup and replica watches it does feel very nice and smooth if we pull it out all the way or you can set the time seem to be hackable which is a bit surprising my first experience of this particular movement but new to me it's a 24 jul 2015 15 in use since the fifties it actually predates this particular model it's a very solid reliable and fairly common so it's not going to be that difficult or expensive to service and and the interesting thing is about these watch poses that you can actually take it to Omega they will service it even though it wasn't bought of the counter officially by Omega it's a bit of a kind of paradoxical strange situation for for a watch and you know it does cause a lot of discussion in in the watch world I'm really not quite sure you guys can discuss that let me know what you think down in the comments would really like to hear your thoughts is a watch Kol a real Omega or is it if it's not a friend can watch in the sense that you know it's a hodgepodge of parts from all over I mean it is all official real parts so it's a bit of a tricky subject anyway that we have this beautiful domed I mean look at that if I put my glove my glove behind that beautiful domed acrylic crystal absolutely

gorgeous it does have a lust and look to it that's sapphire just doesn't have and look at that case we have that beautiful 50s I mean yeah it came out in the 60s but the styling of it is still very much its heart it's still very much in the 50s it reminds me of the curves on a Cadillac of that era the finishing is what we've kind of come to know and love of just like Rolex has that oyster case that is so familiar in so many of their models the Omega kind of have the same thing this this very typical I mean the way the lugs come down the lovely contrast between the met finish on the side and the high polish on the top funnily enough opposite to the Royal Rolex Oyster cases but beautifully done on the same you know really sharp edges this is one advantage definitely of getting watch collars that you know it's not going to be able to polish you are getting that that original shape you're getting to enjoy it almost like as if you bought it in the 60s you know so really really cool the polishing is quite simple you know we've just got high polish everywhere except for these beautiful brushed sides and on the back to kind of give contrast to that beautiful hippocampus logo just very simple

in fact I think more tastefully done and this is why the CMOS is just so iconic if you look at all iconic watches they're usually much more simple much more minimalist in design it's just very classic tastefully done and I think it will always look as stunning as it does now the quality is that you do feel that this is a luxury watch you know you do feel that strangely even though it is obviously at all sports watch and designed for action and adventuring all the rest of it but I think that's why these are so desirable you getting that that Omega brand name that look that we now associated with luxury but you have the adventure and the romance and the mystery and the and all the connotations of the die watch that Jacques Cousteau's team wore that was issued to the British military all these really really cool things not a lot of watches have as much depth and lineage to them as this particular one and it just makes it so so much more desirable and just yeah let's say you know it's a cool watch really cool we have here the one one seven one bracelet of course it has just a very cheap clasp signed Omega there even the Rolex clasps and of this pair were flimsy and just stampton and very basic I make a certainly have come a long way the end links of the 633 n links so very same as the original we have of course the hippocampus sea monster on the back there beautifully done certified high pressure waterproof of course 300 300 meters I mean I don't even have to explain that do

I screw down case back lovely little sine crown with the mayor logo I love this cog style edge of the bezel it really makes gripping it and because it's it's slightly above I mean look it looks like a UFO isn't it it's it's slightly bub it's very easy to operate my only my only kind of criticism is that it's not the most refined feeling thing but we've got to remember this is from the mid-60s it's it's not fair to compare it to my you know my 21st century submarine it's very far from perfect the bracelet is having just look at that bracelets flimsy it's really tinny the clasp is stamped and kind of cheap feeling there's no solid end links hasn't got that that fine level of engraving that we see in contemporary amigas the bezel is a little bit kind of doesn't even doesn't actually even lineup I lines up pretty well but it's kind of a little bit of the operation of it that's not even hackable you know there's a lot of negatives to this watch but but because of its iconic nature because it's so beautifully

made because it has this charm that that appeal of that era it's kind of prestige and heritage of its day you're willing to forgive it you're willing to forgive all its negatives because it's just such a beautiful thing it really is despite all its negatives but I mean you know at the end of the day what watch is perfect haven't found the perfect watch even my Submariner has it shortfalls you know no watch is perfect fake rolex like no person is perfect its imperfections that give it character I do love the the case the case is probably my favorite thing about this watch I love how the bezel sits and it's domed acrylic crystal which obviously is going to scratch like anything you know I but its chart its charm it's got that X fact it's got that appeal it's got the throwback that that romance that so indicative of its age still an icon it's a beautiful beautiful watch and Scott you should be proud of it it's a lovely asset to any collection and to be honest yet if you haven't got five six grand to to buy the vintage

beat-up real thing from the day then a watch Co I think in my book is absolutely fine it's just as as good as a vintage one or one that was bought you know in the 60s officially by Omega understand the appeal of it I understand you know if this bracelet is ridiculous but I'm dying to put it on the NATO let's just do a wrist shot darling to put it on a NATO but as you guys you guys tend to hate on me a little bit for putting everything on a NATO but it wears beautiful the bracelet considering it's so cheap and tinny is very comfortable I haven't sized it I don't

want to size it is it's not my watch and I don't want to risk damaging it but it does wear beautifully because it's it's not the most tallest of watches sits very handsomely very comfortable was a bit like a speed master I mean you know it's cases kind of similar just a quick size comparison we put it next to the squire let's see how big the squad is yeah and that's a 42 it was it was more like a 40 it's actually let's say it weighs like 41 to be more precise

so just one quick last look at the dial nice and close up we got Swiss made at the bottom see master 300 and that beautiful italic iconic font there that of the three must and look look at the other little marks and scratches on that acrylic does give it character you know this is a watch that Scott I hope you do wear and you want to bash it up you want to get scratches and you want to give it even more character and and then it will be just like the vintage ones of the sixties on in a little bit better shape what an outstanding watch okay guys I'm gonna record up

there let's take it back to the studio before I go please let me know down in the comments your thoughts opinions queries all the rest of it I've always loved to hear and get feedback from what you guys have to say also your favorite sea masters which are your favorite sea masters I would love to hear about that as well down in the comments anyway guys I'm gonna leave it there thank you very very much for watching please don't forget to give this a like if you enjoyed it found it useful it really really does help me and as always guys I'll catch you in the next one okay chap