holding handsWhen you provide at-home care for an aging loved one, you become very familiar with his or her condition. When something is not quite right, you’re likely the first one to notice but is it a warning sign? The following indicators could mean it’s time for a long-term care facility.

Lack of Order

While not everyone is neat and organized, too much disorder can be a warning sign of memory troubles. Look for piles of mail, unpaid bill notice and appliances that are left on.

Most seniors will experience some degree of mental lapse, but when that condition affects the ability to live a normal life, it’s time to seriously consider long-term care.

Physical Decline

Certain signs of physical deterioration are obvious, particularly with the onset of dementia. Yet there are also more subtle indicators, such as a lack of personal care, that should be cause for concern.

If someone you’re caring for has stopped showering, shaving, changing clothes or cleaning up around the house, there is an underlying reason. In most cases, the cause will require more help than you can provide to address. At this stage, it’s time to involve professionals.

Inability to Keep Up

The responsibility of caring for an aging relative can take a great toll on your mental and physical well-being. Trying to provide proper care while you balance your own life can often be too much to handle.

If you find yourself losing sleep, feeling anxious or forgetting what you need to do for your loved one, it may be time for professional caregivers to take on this responsibility.
The decision to put a loved one in a skilled nursing facility is not easy. However, neglecting the signs that someone needs round-the-clock care could lead to further issues. To learn more about admission to Avon Health Center, contact us today.