older woman doing rehab exercises Are you looking to start rebuilding your strength? Are you ready to get back to everyday tasks after an injury or illness? Short-term rehabilitation may be the solution.

Whether you’re suffering from arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease or an orthopedic injury, here are some ways seniors may benefit from short-term rehab.

1. Personalized Treatments

Short-term rehabilitation is designed for a number of conditions, to help patients regain their strength and motor skills following an injury or surgery.

There are many different health care professionals on staff at Avon Health Center to guide you through the process. This allows each patient to receive a personalized treatment plan.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you will receive care from the appropriate doctors, therapists and nurses. Since all disciplines are on site, there is no need to travel to appointments, with different professionals. This can make for a quicker recovery.

2. Comfortable Recovery

At Avon Health Center, our patients and their families can expect a safe environment with access to state-of-the-art equipment. Your comfort and progress are very important when recovering from a traumatic injury like a stroke, bone fracture or joint replacement.

While staying in our facility, you will also have round-the-clock care available, which may help ease the worries of your loved ones. At Avon Health Center, our patients also enjoy cable television, Wi-Fi and telephone service to stay connected with the outside world!

3. Prevent Future Injuries

Your recovery is important, but the prevention of future injuries is equally critical. Getting the right care can help accomplish that! Our all-encompassing short-term rehab program also includes post-care for patients upon their discharge.

The team at Avon Health Center can conduct a home assessment to ensure maximum safety and mobility. We may recommend modifications or equipment for your home that could help with the transition back, including ramps, medical alert systems and assistive seating.
As you begin the journey to recovery, count on the compassionate professionals at Avon Health Center to help reach your goals. To request more information, contact us today!