older woman speaking with nurse Particularly among seniors, the steadily rising costs of healthcare are a major concern. From routine checkups and prescription medications to surgery and physical rehab, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge for many.

If you or an aging loved one is struggling to afford health costs, here are a few tips to save.

Choose Generic Brands

Brand name medications are recognizable but can be costly. If you need a specific medication, talk to your doctor about generic versions.

Generic medicines have the same active ingredient, strength and effectiveness as the brand name variety, often at a much lower cost.

Don’t Go Out of Network

When you see a doctor or visit a medical facility that’s out of your health plan network, costs can rise dramatically. It may take more time and research on your part, but the money saved by seeing doctors and specialists in your network can be substantial.

Take Advantage of Preventive Care

Being proactive about your health is a great way to save money and stay well. Annual flu shots, free health screenings, immunization shots and other services help you stay healthy and greatly reduce the risk of contracting illnesses that could prove costly.

When seniors contract the flu, they are at increased risk for further health complications and death. Many older individuals spend time in the hospital or require expensive medications to fight off the virus.

Consider Your Options

Unfortunately, there is no fixed price or single healthcare plan. As you would with any type of insurance, consider the available options and make a well-informed decision, based on your specific needs.

Comparison shopping is highly recommended; don’t be afraid to ask how much a doctor’s visit or specific procedure will cost ahead of time, so you can be prepared.
As we get older, it’s more important than ever to be careful about spending. Be smart about healthcare and look for ways to save, so you can have peace of mind in your golden years! For more information on the costs of skilled nursing care, contact Avon Health Center today.