older woman speaking with a nurse As mom and dad get older, there may come a time when they suffer an injury that makes it difficult to recover at home. Depending on their age, illness or injury, limited range of motion and other drawbacks of aging, it may become a hazard to stay in the house.

Discussing skilled nursing facilities with seniors can be difficult. They may be stubborn about moving, downplay the seriousness of their condition and tell you not to worry. Resistance to moving is quite common; your aging loved one may not be ready to accept this new reality.

If it’s time for you to have this discussion with your parents, consider these helpful tips.

Plant the Seed

Rather than making the decision for them, make suggestions. If they struggle to go up and down the stairs, cannot make the bed or cook, give them options that could make life easier.

See What’s Available

Start researching nursing facilities in your area that provide care for their specific needs. Once you select a few that seem to fit the bill, offer to take mom and dad on some tours. If your suggestion is met with resistance, stay calm and wait for another opportunity to broach the subject.

Wait For a Teachable Moment

If your parent takes a fall, the aftermath may be a good time to discuss a safer living environment. Reinforce the fact that slips and falls are serious injuries for older adults and happen more often with age. Our skilled nursing facility has staff round-the-clock to help residents maintain their independence, and to minimize the risk of falls.

Highlight Benefits

Many seniors have misconceptions about skilled nursing facilities, often overlooking their many benefits. On a tour, emphasize the privacy, space, social activities and other factors that could convince them a skilled nursing facility is the right choice.
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