group meetingUnfortunately, elder care planning for an aging parent or other family member can put loved ones at odds. Everyone has an idea of what’s best; some are in favor of assisted living while others are very against putting Mom or Dad in a nursing home. Rather than continuing to fight with one another, your loved one’s well-being should come first. Plan an elder care meeting with the family to decide if skilled nursing care is best choice.

Follow these steps to have a more productive family meeting.

1. Plan Ahead

When planning a family meeting to discuss a topic as important as elder care, it is essential to make sure everyone can make it. Setting a date well in advance gives each family member time to free a few hours in his or her schedule. For those who truly cannot make it because of work or distance, accommodate them with Skype or FaceTime during the meeting.

2. Invite the Aging Loved One

Depending on physical and mental condition, we think it is important to invite your aging family member to participate in the meeting. After all, you are discussing their future care. Just as you would not want to be left out of a financial discussion concerning your own money, seniors should have a say in their own elder care plans.

3. Allow Each Person Time

Oftentimes, families argue about elder care because one person dominates the discussion. Realize that you all care for this individual and have a valid opinion when it comes to his or her elder care. Rather than keeping one or more people out of the decision, make sure everyone is able to express why they feel the way they do about the situation.

4. Be Sensitive

In many cases, seniors are upset about leaving home for a skilled nursing facility. After a spouse passes away or a life-changing diagnosis is revealed, moving out is often best for their future. Focus on your concerns about their safety, health and quality of life, so the loved one knows you care and only want to help.

5. Come to a Conclusion

Everyone’s time is valuable, but your family agreed to come together in support. If you leave the meeting without a plan of action, you’re right back where you started. Although it may be difficult to come to an agreement in the beginning, after following the tips listed above it should be much easier to leave the discussion with a clear plan for elder care.

A geriatric care manager can also be instrumental in the elder care planning process. After some initial family planning, these trained professionals can help coordinate the services you’ve decided are best for your loved one. If that means placing him or her in a skilled nursing facility, consider admission to Avon Health Center. Contact us today to learn more!