elderly woman using a tabletMany things get better with age: Wine, cheese, love – what about life? Your 60s and beyond are known as the golden years yet unfortunately, many people view their later years in a negative light. You have one life to live; would you rather stress over each day that goes by or embrace your age?

We list 5 common stereotypes of aging you can forget to help maintain a positive attitude.

1. You Lose Intelligence

Aging does have an impact on the brain, but it’s not always as severe as people assume. There are many healthy older individuals who never have to enter a nursing home or contend with a life-threatening disease. While seniors can become more forgetful over time, problem solving that relies on past experience is often better handled by seniors than some younger people.

2. Aging Affects Mood

There is a common stereotype against the older population that they are all grumpy. Many people assume that this generation has a bad attitude overall, yet several studies indicate seniors are the happiest age group. Plus, the Journal of the American Medical Association found that seniors with a positive outlook on life are 44 percent more likely to recover from a medical setback.

3. Older People Dislike Change

While it’s true that some older individuals are set in their ways, keep in mind that many of these people grew up in a time before advanced technology existed. It can be hard to watch the younger generation enthralled with cell phones and video games, instead of playing outside. Seniors may be slower to change their opinions, but they are capable of adapting.

4. Alzheimer’s Is Inevitable

Statistics from the Alzheimer’s Association can be alarming, but not all people develop dementia-related conditions. Age is only one factor of the Alzheimer’s disease equation. People who live healthy lifestyles are less likely to experience cognitive deterioration.

5. Injury Becomes More Likely

Much like a healthy lifestyle can keep your brain sharp, it can keep your whole body strong. It’s a common misconception that all older people are susceptible to broken bones, but many never develop deteriorating conditions like osteoporosis. Staying active can also prevent the likelihood of falls in older individuals.
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