nurse helping woman drink waterAs we age, people are typically prescribed more medications to manage a variety of issues. From pain management to chronic illness, your loved ones may take several pills a day.

While these medications are important for continued health and well-being, they can also present problems if not managed correctly.

For some seniors, it can be hard to manage daily doses and understand why they are taking these prescriptions. Here are a few tips to help them safely manage medications.

Enlisted Trusted Help

Seniors managing multiple medications can easily lose track of what to take and how often. Whenever a doctor or pharmacist is consulted, a family member or caregiver should come along to ask questions about the medication’s purpose, potential side effects and the availability of generic brands.

Also bring a list of medications someone is already taking, so the doctor can determine if there are any issues with mixing certain prescriptions.

Maintain a Daily Routine

It can be dangerous for anyone to keep multiple pill bottles in the medicine cabinet, as someone else could gain access. It’s also easy for an elderly person to misread a label, take the same drug more than once or skip doses when medications are stored together.

There are products available that make management easier, such as daily pill organizers. Pharmacies also offer programs in which a representative stays in regular contact with a patient to ensure they are taking the right pills and staying up-to-date with refills.

Clean the Bathroom Weekly

When visiting a loved one’s home, you may be shocked to find opened bottles on the floor, scattered pills and long expired prescriptions in the medicine cabinet. Stopping by at least once a week to inspect the bathroom is recommended to avoid misuse and accidental overdoses.
If your loved one has been struggling to keep track of medications, it may be time to intervene. To learn more about admission to Avon Health Center contact us today.