At Avon Health Center, we encourage patients and residents to participate in therapeutic recreation activities. Our Recreation Department and devoted community volunteers work hard to offer a variety of new and enjoyable events each month. We believe in keeping patients and residents engaged and improving their quality of life, as many diseases can negatively impact the well-being of a loved one.

What are the benefits of therapeutic recreation?

Combat Feelings of Depression

seniors doing light exercisesWhen a loved one experiences an acute or serious injury, receives a devastating diagnosis or has major surgery, it keeps them from their favorite activities. Losing the ability to live a fun and active lifestyle can be a trigger for depression. As a member of our community at Avon Health Center, your loved one has the option to return to the activities he or she once loved or try something completely new. Having a structured schedule and plans to look forward to can help prevent feelings of depression and behavioral problems.

Improve and Maintain Mobility

While some of our therapeutic activities require no physical exertion, patients and residents do have the option to participate in exercise classes. As long as your loved one does not have an injury or disability that prevents engagement in physical activity, we encourage taking our exercise classes to keep up strength. Working the muscles in our body helps fight against loss of bone density and agility as we age. Exercise also has cognitive benefits that may help prevent behavioral outbursts in those suffering from dementia.

Preserve Emotional Wellness

As mentioned, older individuals who enter a nursing facility for the first time often experience feelings of depression, as their illness may keep them from their favorite pastimes. Therapeutic art classes allow your loved one to express feelings he or she may be keeping inside. Music therapy has been known to successfully address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs through soothing sounds that stimulate the mind.

Quality of life is improved when there is something to look forward to, which maintains a positive state of mental health. Learn more about our Therapeutic Recreation Services.