elderly man confusedAlzheimer’s disease is a cause for concern among aging individuals. The most common form of dementia, this disorder progressively causes brain cells to degenerate. Memory loss is one of the warning signs that someone may have Alzheimer’s disease.

Forgetfulness is a red flag in the early stages of Alzheimer’s development, but not all memory problems indicate this disease is present. Before jumping to conclusions, these common instances could mean your loved one is suffering from another condition.


As the saying goes, correlation is not causation. Someone with depression may show similar signs to dementia, like sadness, difficulty focusing and a lack of motivation, but that does not mean Alzheimer’s is present.

While your loved one may become forgetful, proper treatment of his or her depression can alleviate memory loss and other cognitive problems.

Lyme Disease

This tick-borne infection can cause fatigue, memory loss and impaired thinking – symptoms also related to Alzheimer’s. These signs can show up immediately or in several years, making it difficult to diagnose the real problem. Lyme disease is a life-threatening illness so if you suspect your loved one could have come across ticks, see a doctor right away.


A person with diabetes has high blood glucose, our main source of energy. If the levels are imbalanced, a diabetic may experience fatigue, memory issues and clumsy movements. When the body’s blood sugar dips really low, thinking and remembering can become quite difficult.
At the first sign of memory loss and forgetfulness, make sure your loved one sees a doctor to determine the true cause. To learn more about memory care for individuals with dementia, contact Avon Health Center today!